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Pulp and Paper Technology

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The Pulp and Paper Technology Program offers a one-year Certificate and an Associate in Applied Science Degree.  The Certificate requires 33 credit hours for completion, and takes one two-semester academic year on a full-time basis.  The full degree program, 63 credit hours, requires two academic years (four semesters) for completion on a full-time basis.  Many students, however, pursue their Certificates or AAS Degrees using a part-time schedule.  First year (Certificate) students receive the fundamentals of pulp and paper technology as well as the basic math, science, and communication skills need to work effectively in the pulp and paper industry.  Other valuable topics include an introduction to computers, electrical fundamentals, paper making, pulping technology, and safety.  All Certificate courses are acceptable as the first year of the complete AAS Degree Program.  Second year students are provided five more in-depth technology courses including maintenance practices in the industry, process chemistry, quality aspects of pulp and paper manufacture, process instrumentation and control, and advanced process control.  Support technology courses are extended to include additional electrical studies as well as an introduction to fluid power, and additional general education courses including economics and contemporary ethics are also required.  All Certificate and AAS Degree course are available as online offerings.


The mission of the Kennebec Valley Community College Pulp and Paper Technology Program is to provide the pulp and paper sector of the forest products industry in Maine, New England, and throughout these United States with a globally competitive, technologically advanced workforce.  This mission recognizes that the need for better-trained, skilled employees has become critical in staying competitive in today’s global economy.  As such, the Program provides graduates with the basic background to be effective employees in the pulp and paper industry or in industries that supply materials and products to the industry.  Graduates master the fundamentals of pulp and papermaking, and are qualified to perform as operating and engineering/technical personnel.  Specific courses in the curriculum are aimed at making graduates effective communicators, as well as having interpersonal relations skills to work successfully in an industrial environment.  Program academic standards are high and are provided in a learning environment that is supportive of student growth and achievement.  The combination of these Program attributes places the graduates in an excellent position to attain good, high-paid jobs in the pulp and paper and associated industries.


Upon successful completion of the Pulp and Paper Technology Program, the graduate is expected to:

1.      Demonstrate competency in basic pulp and paper technologies as well as in math and related, fundamental technology skills.

2.      Be able to effectively communicate as well as have the ability to interface and work with peers and supervisors.

3.      Be qualified to become quality employees in the pulp and paper or related industries.


            Both Certificate and AAS Degree graduates from this program may be considered for employment as operators in the pulp and paper industry, and AAS Degree graduates may also be considered by the industry as candidates for employment as engineering assistants, lab personnel, or line supervisors.  Students who are awarded this degree are also qualified to work for companies who supply materials, equipment, specialty chemicals, or services to the pulp and paper industry.  Credit transfer opportunities exist for students wishing to pursue baccalaureate degrees in various engineering or environmental fields as well as in human relations aspects of business administration.

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            Students must complete a minimum of 33/34 credit yours in the Pulp and Paper Technology Program to earn a Certificate and 63/64 credit hours for the Associate in Applied Science Degree.  To be awarded either the Certificate or AAS Degree, students must achieve a minimum grade of “C” in all core courses (*) and must attain a final GPA of 2.0 or higher.

NOTE:  The curriculum as stated on Page 126 of the current catalog is all OK except that in the Fourth Semester schedule, the course, PPT229 Pulp and Paper Manufacturing & Testing Experience (2 credit hours) should be eliminated and the TOTAL CREDITS  should be adjusted from 65/66 to 63/64.  It is recommended that at the bottom of the curriculum, there should be a foot-note that says “All courses are available as online offerings except for CHE112 General Chemistry I (available for on-campus students wanting to take a “live” chemistry course and/or those seeking chemistry credits for transfer).  The Certificate schedule on Page 127 is OK as printed; however, the foot-note should be changed to say only “Completion of the above 33/34 credit hours results in a Certificate in Pulp and Paper Technology and may be used to continue the Program for the AAS Degree in Pulp and Paper Technology.”


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