History of Moody Chapel


History of Moody Memorial Chapel

Moody Memorial Chapel was built in 1897 (thanks to a donation from Miss Frances E. Moody of Bath) as part of the Good Will-Hinckley Home for Boys and Girls. The Chapel was designed by Bangor architect W.E. Mansur in the Romanesque Revival style.

Sketch of Original Moody Chapel

The building was on the original campus of the Good Will Hinckley School for underprivileged children. Faith was the center of the school’s teachings due to the strong religious influence of its founder, George Hinckley. 

Moody Interior

The interior of Moody Memorial Chapel at Good Will-Hinckley as it appeared around 1955.

External Moody

The crowning features of the chapel are its stained glass windows, facing east and west, that were designed and built by C.H. Farley of Portland. The windows are memorials to Mary and Frances Moody, with one depicting flowers and one fruits.

External View of Moody

By 1927 the chapel was no longer large enough to house it's congregation, and an addition was added in the style of the original structure. 

The Moody Memorial Chapel Organ

One of the distinctive treasures of the Chapel is the presence of its pipe organ.

Restoration of Moody Memorial Chapel

Decreasing enrollment and financial challenges forced Good Will-Hinckley to reduce its asset portfolio. The Moody Memorial Chapel though treasured became an endangered piece of Maine’s history.

In 2012, thanks to a generous gift of the Harold Alfond Foundation, a substantial piece of the campus was acquired by Kennebec Valley Community College, the largest expansion in its history. A dedicated effort between KVCC, the Alfond Foundation and a team of preservation professionals saved this significant masonry structure.

The project team undertook extensive pre-planning to avoid unforeseen complications. This careful and calculated planning process is a best practice in how to achieve the highest degree of quality and efficiency in preservation projects. The project required reattachment of veneer stones to the wall core, rebuilding of the two buttresses at the front of the building, development of a mechanical system and staples to anchor elements to the wall, a deep repointing of all the masonry, installation of new bell platform roof and reinstalling finishes in lobby of the tower.

In a distinctive new college campus where a number of historic structures are located, this project inaugurated the transition of KVCC with the successful preservation of a landmark. Maine Preservation was pleased to present a 2013 Honor Award for the restoration of Moody Memorial Chapel.