m-Learning in Mental Health


m-Learning in Mental Health

The Mental Health program at KVCC has an innovative m-Learning initiative focused on providing our students with the mobile technology skills they need to be competitive in the Mental Health field. 

Program content and assessment activities have been developed to take advantage of the tools and applications available on the Apple iPad.  By engaging students in "Mobile Learning" or "m-Learning" we better prepare them for the application of mobile technology in the workplace.

In addition to the development of critical skills related to working in a mobile work environment, the initiative has also demonstraded a high degree of innovation in teaching methodology, assessment, and overall cost-saving for our students!

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m-Learning in Mental Health: Building Technology Skills for the Labor Market

Below you will find a list of typical questions we get about the m-Learning Initiative.  As always, feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions!



Common Questions...Answers and Resources!


Do I actually need to buy an iPad to study Mental Health at KVCC

Well, you need to have access to an iPad for your in-class and online coursework.  Your best option is to buy your own.  There are places where you can rent iPads or you can borrow one.  

How you get your iPad is not as important as the fact you have it to do your assignments and that you bring it to class every time.


Why do I need an iPad?  I have other devices that work fine!

While this concern is addressed in the flyer above, it is important enough to address here as well.  

In order to provide the technical expertise and support needed for an initiative like this, we needed to select a single device/platform to focus our energies on.  KVCC has already invested into iPad technology and has a wonderful infrastructure to support the use of the iPad.  So, essentially, we selected the iPad because we will be better able to support you on it!

In addition, the "hardware/iOS operating system/apps and the app store" ecosystem is the most stable mobile computing platform available.


This is a lot of money! I already spend a lot on books!

This is probably one of the more exciting aspects of the program!  Because every student in the Mental Health program will have an iPad, we can begin to move all of our course materials (including textbooks) into the digital world!  Digital eBooks are often much less expensive than printed books (and they are a lot less heavy!)

We will be continually looking to move more and more materials directly onto the iPad as the program evolves.  The reduced cost in books will largely offset the cost of the iPad itself.


There are many models of the iPad, which one do I need to get?

We have selected specific applications and functions of the iPad to incorporate into our program.  Your iPad needs to have the following features:

Ability to "Airplay" (project screen content to an Apple TV or other Airplay device)
Ability to "Airdrop" (WiFi based file-sharing)

To enable thse functions we require that you have a model iPad that is equivalant (or newer) to the...

iPad 2 (2nd Generation)

We also recommend that you have at least...

32 GB of Memory

The more memory you can have the better. If your iPad comes with lower memory (16 GB - 32 GB) you will need to carefully manage the apps and documents you store on your iPad.  Apps that you acquire (paid or free) are stored in your iTunes account so you can delete them from your iPad when you are not using them.  Documents that you create may need to be stored in a "cloud" account such as iCloud or DropBox to save room on your device.

For your reference, Apple maintains a webpage that identifies ALL models of iPads so you can be sure the one you are getting fits these expectations.

Click HERE to visit the Apple webpage describing ALL models of iPads.

This page starts with the iPad Pro, which is the MOST EXPENSIVE MODEL available, however, you do not need that much power for this program.  Every model listed on this page with the exception of the LAST ONE (the original iPad) will probably be fine.

However, we do encourage you to buy the BEST model you can AFFORD.


How do I pay for the iPad?

There are many options that are available to purchase your iPad:

  • Visit the online Apple Store and purchase (or finance) your iPad directly from Apple
  • Visit the online Apple Store for Refurbished iPads...click HERE.
  • Another great source for iPads (new and refurbished) is NewEgg...click HERE.
  • Visit an actual Apple Store (there is one located in the Maine Mall in Portland) and purchase (or finance) your iPad.
  • Since the device is required by the Mental Health program you are able to apply Financial Aid to purchase your iPad.  Please make an appointment with the Financial Aid office to review this option.
  • Cellular companies (Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) provide data-programs that allow you to finance an iPad on your cellular plan.
  • You can purchase a used ipad through Amazon or Ebay (make sure you double check the specifications on any used device.)



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