For any exam accommodation administered by Disability Services, students must make arrangements at least 5 business days prior to exam date. 

Alternative and Electronic Format and Font
The font size on your tests may be enlarged to meet your needs.

Distraction Reduced Environment or Separate Room
The exam setting should have minimal auditory and visual stimuli and minimal interruptions. A small group setting is generally sufficient.  Your exam may be taken in the testing room and prior arrangements must be made.

Extended Time
You may be allowed additional time for your exams in the testing room. The amount of time allowed is determined by Disability Services and is based on the student interview and submitted documentation.

Disability Services provides a reader/scribe when appropriate and by prior arrangement. Clarification or explanation of questions is not permitted.

Use of Calculator
You may be allowed to use a calculator during a test if it does not compromise the essential requirements of the class. (Essential course requirements are determined by the appropriate department.)

Use of Computer
You may be allowed to use a computer for essay exams and/or note-taking. This may be done within the classroom testing setting or at the Disability Services office.


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