Humanities Department



Department Mission

The Humanities Department defines its mission as:

  • Promoting an environment which is both safe and supportive of student growth and achievement in the humanities

  • Supporting students’ success in their program of study

  • Promoting ethical, responsible thought and action 

  • Encouraging creative and critical thinking and problem solving

  • Developing students’ abilities to acquire, synthesize and apply new knowledge

  • Encouraging reflective discourse

  • Promoting effective oral and written communication

  • Providing an ethical, humane learning environment throughout the curriculum and through studies in the humanities, and arts

  • Offering a success-building path in higher education that supports transfer and continued study beyond the two-year degree

  • Enhancing students’ abilities to interact with others in the workplace and community



Associate in Arts in Liberal Studies


Humanities Dept.


Department Chair:

Juliette Guilmette

Contact Info:

(207) 453-5091
Carter Hall, Rm 307