Bo Dennis

Bo Dennis is the Farm Manager at the KVCC Farm.  Bo is responsible for managing students on the farm, as well as all farm enterprises.  Before KVCC, Bo managed his own small diversified vegetable operation in midcoast Maine, and was the Assistant Manager on an island farm down east.  He graduated from the College of the Atlantic in 2012 and is currently working on his Masters in Sustainable Food Systems at Green Mountain College.  Bo has been farming since high school and has many more seasons ahead of him!  When his hands aren't deep in soil he can be found weaving wool or hiking around this beautiful state with his partner and dogs.  Bo sees the hands on education of the next generation of farmers as an integral piece to food system sustainability in Maine.

Ben Crockett

Ben Crockett hails from Waterford, Maine.  After getting is BS Degree from UVM, Ben went on to start, and work on, various agricultural operations in Vermont.  Most recently he managed a 300-acre farm that aided beginning livestock farmers in the Hudson Valley.  Ben joins the Sustainable Agriculture program at KVCC as the primary instructor and Program Coordinator.  Some of his favorite agriculture products include pork, tree fruit, dairy of any kind, and bad farm puns (no kidding).


Our farm operations are deeply grateful for an amazing crew of ever-changing students that work throughout the school year and during the summer as part of their farm education at KVCC.  The farm currently employs two students throughout the school year and a crew of interns during the summer.