Welcome to the Farm at Kennebec Valley Community College!

The Kennebec Valley Community College Farm is both an educational and production based farm meant to enhance the learning for the Sustainable Agriculture associate degree, the KVCC community, and the local community around the College.  The farm provides a learning lab for classes while demonstrating models of organic crop production and sustainable livestock.  We strive to build a healthy college community fed on nutritious, local, and organic food while in a sustainable relationship with the land.

The farm is on 120 acres at the center of the College's Harold Alfond Campus in Hinckley, Maine.  The farm includes a classroom, renovated barn spaces, greenhouses, and other infrastructure.  The farm at KVCC currently grows three acres of MOFGA certified organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers.  Our rotation includes cover crops and the integration of our animals in a no-tillage model.  We believe in growing a wide range of crops both for the educational gain of our students and to promote a biodiverse growing landscape.  The crops grown on the farm by students are marketed through a College Community Supported Agriculture program as well as to our Culinary Arts program and café. 

All our livestock are raised sustainably on pasture and rotated for both the health of the animals and land.  We are currently focusing on raising sheep, chickens, pigs, and turkeys.