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Welcome KVCC Students!

We are excited for the beginning of a new academic year! 

Friends returning after a wonderful summer and lots of new faces learning their way around campus. To assist you with the transition to college, you may pick up a copy of your Student Handbook during Welcome Week.  Tables are located in the Averill Lobby at the Alfond Campus and also in the King Hall Lobby in Fairfield. This Student Handbook will provide information on services and resources available at both campuses. We invite you to take a moment and survey the Handbook. You will find a large section on available services, a calendar section that notes important campus dates & events, weekly calendar pages for you to track academic work due or appointments you may have, and also a copy of the Student Code of Conduct.

One moment about the Student Handbook...the selection of a cover for the Student handbook is always a difficult task. Hours are spent searching for the perfect picture that might speak to you in some way - providing a little guidance for this journey you are taking.  We hope that this particular photo, taken by Teresa Smith, Director of Advising & Enrollment, on a trip to Aroostook County, does just that!

The single sunflower. Standing out in a field of so many. Looking up toward the sun. Strong and beautiful.

At first glance, you see an entire field of beautiful sunflowers.  Each sunflower stands closely to the other providing a little shade from the sun at times and strength for each to lean on. The sunflower is always following the sun – facing up to the sky and never looking down to the ground.

Be this one sunflower standing in the field. Use your gifts and talents to make someone’s day a little brighter. Take time to provide support for others. Provide a little shade when needed, a kind word to help someone get through a rough patch. And, at the end of the day, remember to stand tall and reach for the sky.  You are one of a kind. Special. Unique. Strong and focused.

Remember always that this journey is a time for you to discover who you are, learn about the things that you value, confirm what you believe in and find your unique voice in this world.  Use every moment.  It will not come your way again!

Have a great year!


The KVCC Student Success Team

Alan Ayres, IT
Michelle Bardsley, TRiO Program      
Lisa Black, TRIO Director
Melissa Clements, Social Worker
Carrie Dionne, Enrollment Student Navigator
Carrie Hall, English Faculty
Brian Holtz, Student Navigator
Christy Johnson, Learning Commons
Val Landry, College Transitions
CJ McKenna, Assistant Dean of Enrollment
Karen Normandin, Dean of Students 
Kevin Richards, Student Life
Jessica Rodrigue, JMG Specialist
Sarah Sirois, Math Learning Specialist  
Teresa Smith, Advising & Enrollment  
Pauline Stevens, Early College for ME  
Landi Wright, TRiO Program






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Karen Normandin
Dean of Students
Enrollment Services Center Frye Building
(207) 453-5019


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