Program Effectiveness Data

In addition to the goals and student learning outcomes listed on the on the home page, the performance of this program is reported through program effectiveness data as defined by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).  Program effectiveness data documents program completion, credentialing examination pass rate and job placement rate. Questions regarding program effectiveness data should be directed to the Program Director. Information regarding program effectiveness data  may also be found on the JRCERT website at


Annual program completion rate: (2017) Sixteen students enrolled in the program, 13 graduated, resulting in an annual completion rate of 81%.

Five-year average program completion rate (2013-2017) - 84% . This is defined as the number of students who started the program divided by the number of students who completed the program. From 2013-2017, 77 students began the program, 65 have graduated. 

Five -year average national credentialing examination pass rate on first attempt (2013-2017)- 73% . This is the number of graduates who passed the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) examination on the first attempt within six months of graduation. During this five year period, 65 students graduated from the program, 59 took the ARRT certification, and 43 successfully passed the ARRT examination on the first attempt within six months of graduation. Five graduates passed on the second attempt, one passed on the 3rd attempt.

Five-year average job placement rate (2013-2017)- 98%. This is the number of graduates who are employed in the radiologic sciences within twelve months of graduation versus the number of graduates who are actively seeking employment. From 2013-2017 approximately 42 graduates were seeking employment; 41 obtained employment within twelve months of graduation.

Those not actively seeking employment may be on active military duty, continuing their education, unwilling to relocate for employment, unwilling to accept salary for position, or failed to communicate employment status to program officials .



Students must complete 75 credits in the Radiologic Technology program, achieve a minimum grade of "C" in all courses and attain a final GPA of 2.0 or higher. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are eligible to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technology examination. Graduates are then eligible to apply for a Maine license.


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