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Effective the Fall Semester, 2012, students enrolling in the Pulp and Paper Technology Program will have all courses leading to both a Certificate or AAS Degree in Pulp and Paper Technology available as online offerings.  This includes both technology (PPT-designated) and general education courses.  This will enable students to obtain their Certificate or AAS Degree (or both) without taking any on-campus courses.  In the interest of having students involved in the "college experience", however, we encourage area students to take at least some on-campus provided courses. 

As noted above, online courses offer our students a unique opportunity to learn and to complete required courses without physically attending classes on KVCC’s Fairfield campus. Online courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate students’ busy schedules. These courses are particularly appropriate for part-time students who have full-time jobs. The courses are accessed over the internet through students’ home computer, or for students who do not have personal computers and/or internet access, computers are available at open labs located on the KVCC campus.

While online courses generally offer a user-friendly way to complete program course requirements, they are not for everyone. To be a successful online student, you should have enough background in computer technology as well as familiarity with internet web interface to feel comfortable using these technologies. Also, if you felt the need to have an instructor immediately available to answer questions as you took high school or other college-level courses, you may not be comfortable taking courses online. Having said this, we have found that most students are able to happily and successfully complete courses taking them online.


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Program Coordinator
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 David Deas
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