Is Distance Education Right For Me Quiz

Is Distance Education Right For Me?

Being successful in an online course requires a good deal of self-discipline, motivation, and a certain level of computer skills.                            

Answer the following questions with a 'Yes' or 'No' response. At the end of the survey, add up all of your 'Yes' answers to receive feedback regarding your readiness for online education.


Technical Considerations:

Yes No Question
Do you have access to high speed Internet at home?
Do you have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office Compatible software?
Can you install the required software downloads on your computer?
Do you know how to send and receive email?
Do you know how to attach files to email messages?
Do you know how to read file attachments in email messages?
Do you know how to cut and paste text using your computer?
Do you have access to a computer in a quiet place where you will be able to focus on this online course without distractions?
Do you know how to download files to your computer?

Learning Styles:

Yes No Question
Do you typically complete any assignments/work at least a couple of days in advance of the due date?
Will you dedicate as much time to your online course work each week as you would to a traditional class?
Do you normally understand written instructions?
Can you prioritize your work without direct supervision?
Will you be able to contact your instructor for assistance?
Will you be able to communicate with other students online?
Will you be able to communicate effectively in writing?
Do you enjoy reading?
Do you normally read all of your assignments for your face-to-face classes?

Your score:

Add up all the times you answered 'Yes' to a question.How many “yes” responses” did you get?

14 or more?
You are probably ready to take an online or hybrid class! Remember, these classes require a good deal of self-motivation and discipline. If you are not sure whether or not you are ready, make an appointment with the instructor teaching the class to discuss this.

11 - 13?
You should consider working on your technical skills before taking an online or hybrid course. You should also make an appointment with the instructor of the course that you would like to take to discuss the time commitment required and the specific skills needed to be successful in the course.

10 or less?
You should reconsider enrolling in an online or hybrid course at this time.  If you do not have any other options it is strongly recommended that you contact the instructor right away to discuss the technical and academic requirements for the course.