Distance Education FAQs

Distance Education FAQs

This is a list of frequently-asked questions regarding the Distance Education Program at KVCC.

This is a distance education course where all instruction is provided online.  There are no on-campus class sessions during the semester.  All instruction is provided via the Blackboard Learning Management System.  Online classes are designated by a section number of OL (i.e. PSY 101 OLA) in the course schedule.  A list of current online course offerings can be found  on the Distance Education tab on the homepage of the website or by Clicking HERE.

This is a distance education course where the majority of the course content is provided via Blackboard, yet, students are required to attend one or more face to face class sessions. This is not to be confused with a traditional face to face class that uses Blackboard as an enhancement to the class. Hybrid classes are designated by a section number of HY (i.e. PSY 204 HYA) in the course schedule.  

This is the Learning Management System that is used by KVCC to provide online and hybrid course content to our students.  Students login to Blackboard to access all aspects of their courses.

The main link to Blackboard is found on the KVCC homepage or by clicking HERE.  You access the site with the same credentials that you use for email and the MY KV Student Portal.  

KVCC provides face to face instruction and online tutorials in the use of Blackboard.  For more information, please access Blackboard FAQs by clicking HERE.

While all students are eligible to take these course at KVCC, it is important to make sure you are the type of student who would benefit from this option.  Please see “How do I know if  distance education is right for me?”

While not all alike, most successful hybrid and online students are able to download and upload files, send and receive emails with attachments, use web-links, view online video clips, save and edit files, and have basic computer skills. In addition, these students are self-motivated, set aside structured time each week for class work, learn effectively with little or no face to face instruction, ask for help when needed,  and take responsibility for ensuring all assignments/assessments are completed as per the class syllabus.  Most also have reliable computer systems with high-speed internet access at home.  For those who don’t, there are excellent open computer labs on the KVCC campus.  Many students also use systems at local libraries or other locations.  Take this simple self-test to see if you are likely to do well in one of our distance education courses by clicking HERE.

KVCC provides a helpdesk that is designed to offer timely and courteous customer service to distance education students.  They can be reached at helpdesk@kvcc.me.edu or by calling 453-5079.  Please remember that most faculty require students to turn in required coursework each week.  If your computer system becomes temporarily inoperable, you will still be required to submit your coursework on time. Please come to one of the open computer labs on campus or find another option in a timely manner.

Yes! There are several programs that can be taken partially or completely online. Please see the full list by clicking HERE.

For a complete list of open labs, please click here.