Occupational therapy assistant program philosophy statement

Major Tenets:

  1. Humans are unique occupational beings.
  2. Meaningful occupation is the core of Occupational Therapy practice.
  3. People impact and change their lives through intrinsic motivation, participation and engagement in occupation, and through continuous integration and adaptation
  4. Education is an integration of formal and informal "learnings".
  5. Education is multifaceted: individual, social and cultural. It promotes clinical reasoning and integrates professional values, ethics, skills and theoretical constructs.
  6. The teaching/learning process is a dynamic transaction and is done through experimentation, practice and feedback.
  7. Being, belonging and becoming are essential to the successfully enculturating new members into Occupational Therapy profession. Education is the process by which we acquire our professional identity.
  8. OT mentors must promote passion for OT to help form thinkers, doers and effective communicators.
  9. Professional education prepares students to assist future clients to achieve health, wellbeing and participation in life’s occupations.


The philosophy of the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program is consistent with the Philosophical Base of Occupational Therapy (2011) and the Philosophy of Occupational Therapy Education Statement (2014).

The Philosophy of the OTA Program at KVCC is an integrated perspective. It is grounded in Occupational Therapy principles, guided by the Model of Human Occupation and the Quality of Life Framework and cultivated by the wisdom of philosopher and educator John Dewey.

We expect this educational experience to be evolutionary. We view human beings as holistic and unique entities who are able to impact and change their lives through intrinsic motivation, engagement and participation and through continuous integration and adaptation. We value the concepts of mindfulness, integrity, commitment and choice while promoting the importance of being, belonging and becoming.

The domain of Occupational Therapy is Occupation and the "just right fit" between humans, their occupations and contexts. We acknowledge this "fit" as integral to the educational process. Education is seen as a lifelong process which integrates individual experience, the academic process and social connectedness. Learning is done through experimentation, practice and feedback. Meaning supports learning.

The OTA faculty is committed to the belief that meaningful occupation is at the core of Occupational Therapy practice. We see health and wellness on a continuum and view individuality, belonging and collaboration as tools to support (becoming) the socialization process into Occupational Therapy practice. We believe in creating a safe, respectful and participatory learning environment to promote creative problem solving and critical thinking.



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Julie Larouche, OTD, OTR/L
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