Mental Health Program of Study


Mental Health Certificate


The Mental Health Certificate focuses on the core Mental Health courses that lead to the MHRT/C Certification.  These 10 core classes, along with the 1-credit Mental Health Seminar course, make up the entire certificate.

This Certificate was designed to meet the needs of individuals who either already have a degree or simply want to focus on the 10 core classes to receive their MHRT/C.

Because ALL of the courses in this certficate transfer into the Associate in Applied Science in Mental Health degree program, students wishing to pursue the Certificate can also apply for Federal Financial Aid.


Associate in Applied Science in Mental Health

The Program of Study for the Associate in Applied Science in Mental Health outlines the course expectations for the entire degree.

These expectations include both the core Mental Health courses required for MHRT/C certification and additional general education classes that make up the rest of the degree program.

The following table outlines a suggested sequence of courses you can take as you progress through the program.  However, the MHT designated courses can be taken in ANY order.



Grade Standards for BOTH the Certificate and Associate Degree

In order to graduate with the Associate in Applied Science in Mental Health you need to complete all the course requirements as outlined in the Program of Study, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, and have grades of "C" or better in all the core MHT designated courses.


Getting your MHRT/C Certificate


Once you have completed the 100-level MHT designated courses (MHT 104, MHT 124, MHT 125, MHT 110, and MHT 112) you are eligible for the MHRT/C Provisional Certification.  Once you have your provisional certification you have up to 2-years to complete the 200-level courses and attain your full MHRT/C.



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