Mental Health Program-MHRT/C


What is an MHRT?

MHRT stands for "Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician".  These certificates represent the minimum licensing qualifications that people need to work within the mental health field in Maine.

The regulations associated with the MHRT are managed by the Center for Learning (CFL).  The CFL is a part of the Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy at the USM Muskie School of Public Policy in Augusta, ME.



The MHRT/I certification applies to individuals who work as daily living support specialists and residential support workers in the adult mental health field.  While KVCC offers some of the content for the MHRT/I, students who wish to pursue this certification are encouraged to work within their agencies.  The guidelines and regulations for the MHRT-1 and MHRT/C are managed by the Maine Center for Learning.

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Click HERE to review the State of Maine guidelines regarding the MHRT/I

The MHRT/Community Certification applies to MaineCare (Medicaid) "other qualified mental health professionals" providing services to adults, excluding residential services.  This includes providers of community support services, case management services, intensive case management services, assertive community treatment, and day support services as outlined in Chapter II of the MaineCare Benefits Manual, Section 17.

You are not required to hold the MHRT/I certificate before you can obtain your MHRT/C certificate.  The expectations, training, and job environments are different for these different certifications.

Click HERE to review the State of Maine guidelines regarding the MHRT/C


Getting your MHRT/C at KVCC

KVCC is an official provider of MHRT/C training in the State of Maine.  The Associates in Applied Science in Mental Health has been designed to provide students with all the core courses needed for this certification.  

Regulation allows that students who complete the first five subject areas may apply for a Provisional MHRT/C certification and apply for jobs requiring an MHRT/C.  At KVCC the five courses you need to complete for your Provisional MHRT/C certification include:

  • MHT 104: Community Mental Health
  • MHT 110: Interviewing and Counseling
  • MHT 112: Crisis Identification and Intervention
  • MHT 124: Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  • MHT 125: The Changing Workplace
When students have completed these five classes they may contact the Program Coordinator or Department Chair and request that their course records be submitted to the Center for Learning to obtain their Provisional MHRT/C.
When students have also completed the next five subject areas in the curriculum they may apply for a Full MHRT/C certification.  At KVCC these courses include:
  • MHT 214: Incest, Sexual Abuse, and Trauma
  • MHT 216: Mental Health and Aging
  • MHT 218: Substance Abuse Counseling
  • MHT 220: Case Management
  • MHT 226: Vocational Aspects of Disability
Students who have completed all ten core classes may contact the Program Coordinator or Department Chair and request that their course records be submitted to the Center for Learning to obtain their Full MHRT/C.



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