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Reviewing your SPAM Quarantine

  1. If you have any messages in your quarantine, you will receive notification once per day. 
  2. Click on Deliver if you approve this email, and want just this email to be delivered
  3. Click on Whitelist if you want to approve email from this domain ( @gmail.com ) 
  4. Click on Delete if you do not trust this sender, and want this email to be permanently deleted. 
  5. Optionally you can navigate to https://my.kvcc.me.edu then click on the “Campus Life” tab then “My Technology” then this will display a Quarantine email widget. Click “Go to Full View.”


Quarantined email is email that has been flagged as a possible infectious email.


Logging into the Quarantine Interface

  1. Click the link provided at the bottom of the Quarantine Summary Report (displayed above).
  2. Result: The login page appears.
  3. Enter your username and password, and click Login.
  4. Your login information is the same as other campus systems ( PC, Email, ETC. )
  5. Firewall.
  6. Click to access your quarantine
  7. interface to set preferences and
  8. classify messages
  9. Select to deliver, whitelist or
  10. delete quarantined messages


Managing your Quarantine Inbox

After logging into the quarantine interface, select the QUARANTINE INBOX tab to view a list of your quarantined messages. When you first start using the quarantine interface, you should view this list on a daily basis and classify as many messages as you can. The Barracuda Spam Firewall has a learning engine that learns how to deal with future messages based on the ones you classify as spam and not spam. The learning engine becomes more effective over time as you teach the system how to classify messages and as you set up rules based on your whitelist and blacklist.

Adding Email Addresses and Domains to Your Whitelist and Blacklist


The PREFERENCES-->Whitelist/Blacklist page lets you specify email addresses and domains from

which you do or do not want to receive emails.

To whitelist or blacklist senders, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the PREFERENCES-->Whitelist/Blacklist page.  A list of your existing whitelisted and blacklisted addresses appears on this page.
  2. To delete a whitelist or a blacklist entry, click the trash can icon next to the address.
  3. To add an entry, type an email address into the appropriate field, and click the corresponding Add button.


Tips on specifying addresses

When adding addresses to your whitelist and blacklist, note the following tips:

    • If you enter a full email address, such as johndoe@yahoo.com, just that user is specified. If you enter just a domain, such as yahoo.com, all users in that domain are specified.
    • If you enter a domain such as barracudanetworks.com, all subdomains are also included, such as support.barracudanetworks.com and test.barracudanetworks.com.
    • Mass mailings often come from domains that do not resemble the company’s Web site name. For example, you may want to receive mailings from historybookclub.com, but you will find that this site sends out its mailing from the domain hbcfyi.com. Examine the From: address of an actual mailing that you are trying to whitelist or blacklist to determine what to enter.

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