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Working in Your Course

Navigating and My Blackboard - Watch It!
My Blackboard Profile - Watch it!
Taking a Test Online - Watch it!
Checking Your Grades - Watch it!
Working in Groups - Watch it!
Creating a Blog Entry - Watch it!
Creating a Discussion Board Post - Watch it!
Creating a New Discussion Board Thread - Watch it!
Replying to a Discussion Board Thread - Watch it!
Organizing Discussion Board Posts - Watch it!
Viewing Discussion Board Grades - Watch it!
Creating and Editing a Wiki Page - Watch it!
Viewing My Contribution to a Wiki - Watch it!
Linking Wiki Pages - Watch it!
Using the Course Map - Watch it!
Submitting an Assignment - Watch it!

Staying Organized & Communicating

Sending Email From Your Course - Watch it!
Adding Events to Your Calendar - Watch it!
Stay Organized by Managing Your Course and Personal Tasks - Watch it!

Setting Your Preferences & Controlling Your Environment

Editing Your Personal Information - Watch it!
Setting Your Privacy Options - Watch it!
Setting Your Notification Options - Watch it!
Changing the Color Theme on the My Institution Page - Watch it!
Adding and Removing Modules from Your Home Page - Watch it!
Customizing Your Group Homepage - Watch it!
Customizing the My Institution Page Layout - Watch it!

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