KVCC Course Listings

Course Listings

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Course Code Title Online Hybrid Credit Continuing Education Specialty Course
ACC 111 Principles of Accounting I C N/A
ACC 112 Principles of Accounting II C N/A
ACC 211 Accounting Spreadsheet & Data Base O C N/A
ACC 213 Federal Taxation C N/A
ACC 218 Intermediate Accounting II C N/A
ACC 220 Principles of Payroll Administratio C N/A
AFS E40 Inf&Tdlrs II: Bodies & Minds CE N/A
AGR 101 Princ of Sustainable Agriculture C N/A
AGR 107 Modern Homesteading H C N/A
AGR 235 Farm Infrastructure II H C N/A
ART 114 Drawing Techniques C N/A
ASL 106 American Sign Language I C N/A
ASL 107 American Sign Language II H C N/A
BIO 010 Learn and Excel in A & P N/A
BIO 102 Biology II C N/A
BIO 108 Plant Biology C N/A
BIO 115 Human Biology C N/A
BIO 119 Princ of Anatomy & Physiology C N/A
BIO 213 Anatomy & Physiology I C N/A
BIO 214 Anatomy & Physiology II C N/A
BIO 216 Pathophysiology O C N/A
BIO 219 Microbiology H C N/A
BPT 127 Print Reading for Welders C N/A
BUS 115 Principles of Management C N/A
BUS 116 Business Law C N/A
BUS 119 Integrated Marketing Communications C N/A
BUS 125 Introduction to E-Commerce O C N/A
BUS 218 Small Business Management C N/A
BUS 234 Agricultural Business Planning H C N/A
BUS 250 Virtual Office/Internship H C N/A
CHE 115 General Chemistry II C N/A
COM 104 Intro to Communication C N/A
COM 105 Interpersonal Communication C N/A
CPT 117 Software Applications I C N/A
CPT 214 Information Systems Security O C N/A
CTM M10 MS Outlook Essentials CE N/A
CUL 122 Culinary Arts II C N/A
CUL 124 Baking and Pastry I C N/A
CUL 132 Food and Beverage Purchasing C N/A
CUL 205 American Regional Cuisine C N/A
CUL 232 International Cuisine C N/A
CUL 242 Food Service Management C N/A
ECE 131 Intro to Early Childhood H C N/A
ECE 133 Language, Literacy, and Literature C N/A
ECE 134 Health, Safety, and Nutrition H C N/A
ECE 140 Fostering GrowthInfants & Toddlers C N/A
ECE 156 Field Placement I C N/A
ECE 200 Early Childhood Pract II C N/A
ECE 210 Classroom Management C N/A
ECE 215 Weaving in STEAM Education C N/A
ECE 250 Early Childhood Pract III C N/A
ECO 113 Principles of Economics I Macro O C N/A
ECO 114 Principles of Economics II Micro C N/A
ECO 120 Investment Planning in Our Society C N/A
ECT C50 Advanced 3D Printing & Design CE N/A
ECT C55 Adv 3D Printing & Design ONLY CE N/A
ELW 160 Lineworker Training II C N/A
EMS 111 Emergency Medical Technology I C N/A
EMS 208 Adv Emergency Cardiovascular Care C N/A
EMS 209 Paramedic Emergencies I C N/A
EMS 215 Paramedic Clinical Preceptorship I C N/A
ENG 101 College Composition C N/A
ENG 108 Technical Writing C N/A
ENG 121 Introduction to Literature C N/A
ENG 210 Creative Writing C N/A
ENG 214 Short Fiction: Art and Idea O C N/A
ENG 218 Advanced Academic Writing H C N/A
ENG 219 Professional Writing C N/A
ENG 224 Literature, Culture, and Diversity C N/A
ENV 101 Intro to Environmental Science O C N/A
ETC 112 Apple Computer Support Essentials C N/A
ETC 114 Electrical Circuits II C N/A
ETC 119 Digital Systems with C Programming C N/A
ETC 125 Semiconductor Devices C N/A
ETC 213 Network Operating Systems II C N/A
ETC 241 Computer Network Systems C N/A
ETC 245 Networking Applications Lab C N/A
ETC 250 Computer Technology Applications C N/A
ETL 108 HVAC Electronics and Controls C N/A
ETL 110 Alternating Current Theory C N/A
ETL 120 Rotating Machines & Transformers C N/A
ETL 122 Electrical Wiring Practices II C N/A
ETL 124 Fundamentals of Electronics C N/A
ETL 127 Electrical Motor Controls C N/A
ETL 215 National Electrical Code O C N/A
ETL 216 Advanced National Electrical Code C N/A
ETL 221 Industrial Control Systems C N/A
ETL 222 Introduction to Instrumentation C N/A
ETL 225 Photovoltaic & Small Wind Elec Sys C N/A
FRE 101 Elementary French I C N/A
FSN 125 American Food H C N/A
FSN 211 Human Nutrition C N/A
GEO 101 Intro to Geography C N/A
HAC 202 Advanced Heating Applications C N/A
HAC 205 Propane and Natural Gas C N/A
HIS 112 US History II O C N/A
HIS 120 Art History C N/A
HIS 202 History of Maine O C N/A
HIS 205 Architectual Style & Construct NE O C N/A
HIS 214 America and the Vietnam War C N/A
HIT 132 Legal Ethical & Regulatory Issues O C N/A
HIT 136 Intro to Coding & Classification O C N/A
HIT 138 Revenue Cycle and Reimbursement Sys O C N/A
HIT 222 CPT-4 Coding O C N/A
HIT 243 Directed Practice O C N/A
HIT 245 Seminar in HIT O C N/A
HON 202 Honors Seminar C N/A
HUM 101 Multi-culture Nature of Amer Soc C N/A
INT 201 Seminar in Inquiry C N/A
MAS 102 Medical Terminology C N/A
MAS 110 Medical Documentation O C N/A
MAS 114 Medical Office Law and Ethics O C N/A
MAS 211 Insurance Coding for Medical Office H C N/A
MAS 215 Advanced Clinical Theory C N/A
MAS 217 Advanced Clinical Lab C N/A
MAS 220 Pathophysiology/Pharmacology for MO O C N/A
MAT 026 Found of Mathematical Reasoning C N/A
MAT 031 Introductory Algebra C N/A
MAT 111 Quantitative Reasoning C N/A
MAT 114 Technical Math C N/A
MAT 117 College Algebra C N/A
MAT 214 Technical Mathematics II C N/A
MAT 220 Statistics C N/A
MAT 225 Math for Business & Economics C N/A
MAT 226 Precalculus C N/A
MAT 227 Calculus I C N/A
MHT 101 Mental Health Seminar O C N/A
MHT 104 Community Mental Health O C N/A
MHT 105 Mind-Body Connection O C N/A
MHT 110 Interviewing & Counseling O C N/A
MHT 112 Crisis Identification & Intervent O C N/A
MHT 124 Psychosocial Rehabilitation O C N/A
MHT 130 Diversity and Culture C N/A
MHT 135 Substance Abuse C N/A
MHT 201 Policy Knowledge O C N/A
MHT 204 Behavioral,Psychological,and Rehab O C N/A
MHT 216 Mental Health & Aging O C N/A
MHT 220 Case Management C N/A
MHT 227 Vocational Supports O C N/A
MHT 230 Ethics & Professional Conduct O C N/A
MLT 103 Phlebotomy C N/A
MUS 101 Music Appreciation O C N/A
MUS 117 History of Rock and Roll O C N/A
NUR 122 Nursing Across the Life Span I C N/A
NUR 126 LPN Transition to the ADN Role H C N/A
NUR 227 Nursing Across the Life Span III C N/A
NUR 229 Transition for ADN C N/A
OTS 103 Functional Kinesiology C N/A
OTS 104 Interpersonal Skills for the AH Pro C N/A
OTS 122 Occupational Therapy Children & Yth C N/A
OTS 206 Fieldwork Education II - A C N/A
OTS 208 Fieldwork Education II - B C N/A
PDG B10 Professional Bartending CE N/A
PDH B30 BLS CPR Healthcare Provider CE N/A
PDL E10 Electrical Code Update 15 hr CE N/A
PDL E15 Electrical Code Update 15hr Online CE N/A
PDT B50 High Pressure Boiler CE N/A
PDT E05 45 Hour National Electrical Code CE N/A
PDT H10 Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump CE N/A
PDT O10 Oil Burner Technician CE N/A
PDT R10 EPA 608 Refrigerant Certification CE N/A
PDT S10 Solar PV for the Associate Candid CE N/A
PDT W10 Welding I CE N/A
PDT W20 Welding II CE N/A
PDT W30 Welding III CE N/A
PHI 110 Intro to Contemporary Ethics O C N/A
PHY 111 Elements of Physics C N/A
PHY 211 Elements of Physics II C N/A
PHY 213 Radiographic Physics C N/A
PLB 201 Advanced Plumbing Applications C N/A
PLB 210 Plumbing Codes C N/A
PMT 111 Precision Machine II C N/A
PMT 211 Prec Machine Tech IV C N/A
PMT 226 PMT Experiential Education C N/A
POL 111 Current Issues in Political Science C N/A
PSY 101 Intro to Psychology C N/A
PSY 200 History of Psychology O C N/A
PSY 204 Abnormal Psych C N/A
PSY 209 Biopsychology C N/A
PSY 215 Developmental Psychology C N/A
PSY 230 Personality O C N/A
PSY 234 Research Methods C N/A
PSY 245 Forensic Psychology C N/A
PTS 112 Physical Therapy II C N/A
PTS 116 Pathology C N/A
PTS 117 Kinesiology C N/A
PTS 216 Clinical Applications C N/A
PTS 218 PTA Clinical Education II C N/A
PTS 220 PTA Clinical Education III C N/A
RAD 102 Radiographic Positioning II C N/A
RAD 112 Clinical Practicum II C N/A
RAD 131 Radiographic Exposure & Processing C N/A
RAD 212 Clinical Practicum V C N/A
RAD 216 Intro to Imaging Modalities C N/A
RAD 218 Radiation Biology & Protection C N/A
RAD 222 Senior Semicar for Radiologyic Tech C N/A
RTS 112 Therapeutic Modalities in RT Care C N/A
RTS 121 Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics C N/A
RTS 127 Respiratory Pharmacology O C N/A
RTS 224 Concepts in Critical Care C N/A
RTS 230 Clinical Practicum III C N/A
RTS 231 Respiratory Care Senior Seminar C N/A
SDB 104 Timber Frame Craftsmanship II C N/A
SDB 105 3D Modeling for Construction C N/A
SDB 107 Stick Framing & Bldg Concepts II C N/A
SDB 204 Building Systems I C N/A
SDB 205 Building Systems II C N/A
SDB 209 Construction Supervisor & Busines C N/A
SDB 210 Green Building Codes, Stand, & Cert O C N/A
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology C N/A
SOC 108 Leadership Development C N/A
SOC 203 Death & Dying O C N/A
SOC 204 Social Problems O C N/A
TPB P90 Paralegal Certificate Course CE N/A
WLD 110 Metal Fabrication C N/A

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