General Science Program

General Science




The General Science program provides students with a strong foundation in both science and mathematics. This program of study is appropriate for students interested in studying health-related careers, pre-pharmacy, biology, physical science or pre-engineering.  The curriculum design is flexible, allowing a student to select an academic option that will be specific for his/her academic goal.  Upon completion of the General Science program, graduates will have acquired practical knowledge and skills for continuing education or employment in related fields.




The mission of the Associate in Science degree in General Science is to provide students with a strong foundation in science and mathematics, thereby allowing the student the opportunity to transfer to a university in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, transfer to another community college program, or earn better entrance into a science related career.




Upon successful completion of the General Sciences program, the graduate is expected to:

  1. Demonstrate competency in accessing scientific information using basic scientific references and literature;
  2. Be capable of critical thinking and problem solving within his/her area of expertise;
  3. Demonstrate competency with laboratory techniques commonly encountered in an undergraduate laboratory setting;
  4. Demonstrate clear and organized written and oral skills in, and in reporting and explaining results of experiments;
  5. Apply the core concepts of introductory sciences to real world problems which require integrating these concepts to achieve the best solutions.
  6. Use their scientific educational experiences to provide a solid foundation for further study of the sciences or related fields.



Many students in the General Science program will continue their studies by transferring into a health or science degree program. Students should check the requirements of the transfer institution and meet with career and academic/transfer counselors for specific program planning.




Animal Care and Research Facilities
Agricultural Research Facilities
Bioscience Laboratories
Biotechnology Companies
Quality Control
Plant Propagation and Greenhouse Facilities

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Jim Guillemette
(207) 453-3605 

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