KVCC Foundation Supporting Students Through Scholarships

Why Scholarships? 


Although more than 76% of KVCC students received some financial aid, the total amount of student unmet financial need is a huge burden. Students often struggle to fill the gap between financial aid awards and the cost of college. For many, this task is insurmountable without scholarship support.

When available, scholarships are crucial to empowering student success.  It has been proven that disadvantaged students who receive scholarship support are significantly more likely to persist in their education, earn a degree, and achieve higher wages and increased employment opportunity. Scholarships are used to pay for tuition and purchase necessary books and tools, enabling the recipient to attend class fully prepared and ready to learn.

Scholarship funds increase access, completion, and persistence and shorten the time from enrollment to degree, particularly for low-income students. Scholarship support often makes the difference in a student to attending college full or part time, reduces student loan debt, and reduces the likelihood of college "stop out" to temporarily leave school to earn funds to fill financial aid gaps or avoid student loan debt. Even a $250-500 scholarship can have a measurable impact on student success. Reducing financial barriers is a critical component to achieving a sustainable economy in the region which KVCC serves.


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