Veterans Certification

Certifying Veterans Benefits


The Certifying Official will:

  • Certify Veterans and Dependents for GI Bill programs,
  • Verify courses required for your degree program, and
  • Advise Veterans and Dependents on GI Bill benefits and allowances.


Please note that KVCC's Certifying Officials (Anne Connors and Jill MacLean) are employed by KVCC, not the VA, and do not have information on when checks are issued or mailed. If you have questions concerning receipt of VA benefits see #5 below.

Student Responsibilities

1. Once you receive your VA certificate of eligibility, bring it to the Financial Aid  Office in the Frye Building Enrollment Services Center.

2. Meet with your Faculty Academic Advisor every semester to choose courses prior to registration. Only courses REQUIRED for your current degree or certificate program will be paid for by the VA. Courses not required for your current program will not be paid for by the VA. This can affect your BAH (Post 9/11 CH 33), monthly stipend (CH 30, 1606, 1607, 35) eligibility/amount and the amount paid to KVCC (Post 9/11 CH 33 and Voc Rehab CH 31).

3. You must submit your Request for Certification form and Advising Worksheet located in your portal.

4. You must inform the VA Certifying Official as soon as possible of any changes in your credit load, degree program, address, phone number, and email address. Failure to report change in credit load could result in overpayments by the VA which will be billed to the student. This may not be reflected for 3-4 months. You must let the VA Certifying Official know if you withdraw from a course, withdraw from school or stop attending.

5. Veterans in Chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill) 1606 (Guard/Reserve) or 1607 (REAP) must check in with the VA on the last day of each month to get paid. You can do that at: 1-877-823-2378 OR

6. For questions such as: "When will I receive my check?" or "How will changing my credit load change my monthly check?" call 1-888-442-4551 OR

The first check of each semester can be delayed for 8-12 weeks. If 8 weeks has passed and you have not received your first check for that semester, please e-mail and request your certification ID number. This is the number you will need to give to the VA if you choose to call them to find out when you will receive your check. The certification ID number is proof of your certification and changes each semester.


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