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As defined by the Dept. of Education on the federal student aid website, the Cost of Attendance (COA) or cost of education is "the total amount it will cost you to go to school—usually expressed as a yearly figure. It’s determined using rules established by law. The COA includes tuition and fees; on-campus room and board (or a housing and food allowance for off-campus students); and allowances for books, supplies, transportation, loan fees, and, if applicable, dependent care. It also includes miscellaneous and personal expenses, including an allowance for the rental or purchase of a personal computer. Costs related to a disability are also covered... For students attending less than half-time, the COA includes tuition and fees and an allowance for books, supplies, transportation and dependent care expenses; but can also include room and board for up to three semesters or the equivalent at the institution, but no more than two of those semesters or the equivalent may be consecutive. Talk to the financial aid administrator [at KVCC] if you have any unusual expenses that might affect your cost of attendance.”

Every school must determine a Cost of Attendance budget, which is part of the federal methodology formula in calculating eligibility for financial aid. 
If you have an unusually high cost of attendance; for example, unreimbursed medical bills greater than 30% of your income, additional costs associated with a disability, a commute to KVCC of over 50 miles one way, etc., please send the Financial Aid Office a letter explaining the expenses and include receipts, bills, or other documentation.  In addition, please let the Financial Aid Office know the amount of weekly day care expenses YOU will pay while attending required classes, labs, or clinicals.
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