Filling Out The FAFSA

Filing The FAFSA

Information on Filing the FAFSA

You only need to submit the FAFSA once per year.  You can fill out a FAFSA as early as January 1 for the award year beginning the following fall.  It is best if you submit your FAFSA before May 1 so that you can qualify for a Maine State Grant if otherwise eligible.  Go to to complete the FAFSA, and please be sure to put KVCC’s school code, 009826, in step 6. 


For a tutorial on filling out the FAFSA, go to  the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) video tutorial. (Click the arrow in the green box marked "file" in the middle of the page.) At the point on the FAFSA where you enter the schools to which you want your FAFSA sent, be sure to enter KVCC's school code,  009826.

If you do not have an FSA User ID and password, go to Federal Student Aid,  and click on "create an FSA ID now."  Follow the directions to create a user ID and password.   If you filled out a FAFSA last year, there is a spot on the FAFSA where it will ask if you want to “prefill” your FAFSA.  If you select “yes” then last year’s data will be placed on the form, and you will only need to enter whatever data has changed.

 Students (and parents, if applicable) who have filed their tax returns may be able to select the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on the FAFSA to transfer tax information to the FAFSA.  The Federal Tax Return must be filed at least three weeks (if filing electronically) and 6-8 weeks (if filing paper return) before using the IRS Data Retrieval process to allow the IRS time to process the return.This option is not available if:


  • The marital status changed after December 31 of the tax year            
  • The filing status was married filing separately
  • An amended tax return was filed                                                          
  • A foreign tax return was filed
  • A tax return was filed using a TAX ID Number (TIN)          
  • The home address on the FAFSA does not match the address on the tax return


If you are not filing taxes, there’s a question on the FAFSA that you will answer, “will not file."

If you are a dependent student (you will know if you are by answering certain questions on the FAFSA) you will be required to submit parental income information and have a parent sign the FAFSA.  The parent of a dependent student will need to create his/her own FSA ID to sign the student's FAFSA electronically. For more information, click here.  If a parent has more than one child attending college, he/she can use the same FSA ID to sign all applications. Please note: Each FSA ID user must have a unique e-mail address.


Be sure you have clicked “submit” and please print out and save your submission page.

If you submitted your FAFSA before you completed your federal tax return and indicated “will file” on the FAFSA,  then, when your taxes have been filed, you must use your FSA user ID and password to go back into your FAFSA, correct the answer to the "have your completed your IRS income tax return" question on your FAFSA  from "will file" to "already completed" and update the financial information. If you are a dependent student and your parent indicated "will file" for the parent tax return, the parent must use his/her FSA user ID and password to go back into your FAFSA, correct the appropriate field on your FAFSA  from "will file' to "completed" and update the financial information once taxes have been filed. Whenever a correction is made on your FAFSA, you must be sure that the FAFSA is once again signed and submitted.  Please be sure to print out a submission page.


Step 1: Go to your FAFSA at Click ‘Start Here.’

 FAFSA Homepage



Step 2: Log in to your FAFSA. Click ‘Next’ when you’ve finished.

Step 3:  Click "Make FAFSA Corrections."


Step 4: Sign in. Enter your FSA User ID and password, Create and enter a "save key," which is a temporary password to use if for some reason you lose your connection to the FAFSA. Click ‘Next’ when you’ve finished.


Step 5:  If the correction you need to make is to your financial or tax information, click the 'Financial Information" tab at the top of the screen.  This will allow you to go right to the section that you need to update.


Step 6:  Make the corrections; then go to "sign and submit."  Be sure to follow the prompts to electronically sign your corrected FAFSA. 

Step 7:  Click "Submit My FAFSA Now' when you've finished.

Step 8:  Congratulations!  You should now be seeing your confirmation page, showing you that your correction has been successfully submitted. 







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