Kennebec Valley Community College offers financial help to eligible students who enroll part-time or full-time in credit programs that lead to degrees, certificates or diplomas, as described in the college catalog. While the primary responsibility for financing an education rests with the student and a family, KVCC supplements this obligation with awards from grant, scholarship, work and loan programs. Qualifying students may use the financial aid awarded from the various financial aid programs to meet both direct school costs (tuition, fees, books, supplies) and off-campus living costs (room, board, transportation, childcare, personal expenses).


Financial assistance to students is made available through several federal, state, private and college financial aid programs. To remain eligible, recipients must apply each year and maintain satisfactory academic progress toward their degrees as outlined in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. This policy and the Financial Aid Refund Policy (for students who change enrollment status by adding/dropping courses or withdrawing from the college) are posted on the KVCC website and copies are available in the Financial Aid Office.


Financial Aid is not awarded for credit hour registrations associated with Audits, Challenge Exams, Work Experience Credit, Transfer Credit, or repeats of courses with grades of "Incomplete." In addition, financial aid is not awarded for courses that are not needed (as either a required course or an elective) for the students’ current degree or certificate program.  Federal regulations allow for financial aid to pay for a student to repeat a course once to obtain a better grade. KVCC’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy does not allow financial aid to pay for more than one repeat of a course. If it is determined that a student needs remedial courses before taking required courses, those for-credit remedial courses are covered by financial aid.


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