Early Childhood Education Outcomes

Early Childhood Education Program Outcomes


  •  All students will demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors with children, colleagues, and families in early childhood settings grounded in the history, NAEYC Code of Ethics, and generally accepted ongoing evolution of the field.


  •  All students will demonstrate with increasing skill, a philosophy of working with  young children in a developmentally appropriate manner considering the children’s age, individual development and social and cultural context. 


  •  All students will demonstrate skill in completing observations of children, recording them in an objective manner, and applying the data gathered to planning for typically and atypically developing children.


  •  All students will plan and implement environments, lesson plans and curriculum to support young children’s development in all domains. 


  •  All students will identify community resources available to support themselves, children and families for ongoing growth and development.


Why these outcomes are important to know


  • The outcomes above list what you will achieve by the end of your coursework in the Early Childhood Education degree program at KVCC. 


  • We know you will have learned a great deal in your coursework, have changed some of your ideas about young children and will have new ideas of how to work with them.


  • The practicums will give you many hours of hands-on practice to grow in skills.


  • We urge you to join  the Early Childhood program at KVCC.  It will make a difference in your life and in the lives of the children and families with whom you work!




No matter where you live, you have a home in our program!


 "Island living presents some challenges, especially when it comes to traveling to/from a college campus. With the flexibility of the hybrid/online Early Childhood Education program at KVCC, I was able to further my education while raising a family and working in the ECE field right here at home!?


Megan Day ~ Vinalhaven, ME