Disability Services

Disability Information



Upon enrollment, it is the responsibility of a student with a disability to identify him or herself as having a disability and formally request accommodations.


Steps for requesting an Accommodation


1st    Provide documentation in a timely manner.

2nd   Meet with Disability Services to provide the documentation, discuss requested accommodations and complete the paperwork to request accommodations. You may contact Disability Services at (207) 453-5150 or disability@kvcc.me.edu 

3rd   Following the approval of requested accommodations, students will receive an Accommodation Letter- Notification to Faculty for your faculty member. Accommodations will not be provided until the faculty member receives this letter.

Please note that requests for accommodations must be renewed at the beginning of each subsequent semester. The student will meet with Disability Services to determine accommodation needs for that specific semester.


Admission Entrance Exam 


Requests for testing accommodations for specific admissions exams (TEAS-V, PAX) or the general admissions placement exam (Accuplacer) should be made in writing to Disability Services. Students must provide documentation at the time of initial contact. Following the approval of requested accommodations, students will make arrangements with Learning Commons staff for a testing date.



Documentation must meet the following criteria:

  • be written by a qualified practitioner or diagnostician, be on letterhead and signed
  • be current (3 to 5 years).  In some instances, the currency of documentation will be less given the nature of the disability.
  • state a specific diagnosis
  • include a description of diagnostic methodology, including diagnostic criteria, evaluation methods and testing dates and results
  • explain the impact the disability may have on the student's academic and vocational environment, and
  • provide a description of accommodations and/or auxiliary aids used in the past.

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