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Associate in Applied Science Degree



The purpose of the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Career Studies is to provide highly individualized and flexible programming to meet the needs of students with significant work and learning experiences whose educational and/or occupational goals cannot be met by the other programs of the College.



The objectives of the Career Studies Program include:

  1. Recognizing significant work and/or learning experiences in a broad range o technical, business and specialized career skills.
  2. Enhancing educational opportunities for those students who already have a significant basis of skill and/or learning.
  3. Assisting individuals to advance in their chosen occupations.




Career StudiesCREDITS

Career/ Vocational/ Technical Courses

up to 24
Elective Courses 24-30
General Education Courses 21
Total Requirements: 69 Credits

 Program Contact

Greg Fletcher
(207) 453-5115 

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