ERT: Campus Lockdown Procedures

 Emergency Response: Evacuation & Lockdown


Certain types of emergencies may require the campus community (students, faculty, staff & visitors) to take shelter inside buildings and/or shelter inside rooms inside of a building, while others may require that we quickly and orderly leave one or more buildings.

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) or law enforcement personnel will instruct you to evacuate or remain in place depending on the nature & details of the incident.

Lockdown will be implemented by an announcement made in each classroom, office and open area, along with any specific instructions, if applicable.  This message will come from the ERT.

All members of the KV Community are provided ongoing safety and security training and education as part of our continuing efforts to maintain a culture of safety and resiliency at the College. The following handout provides an overview of what to do in the event of a lockdown or evacuation emergency:

"KVCC Emergency Response: Evacuation & Lockdown Overview" (last updated 05/01/2015)




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