Emergency Response Team

 Emergency Response Team 


The Emergency Response Team (ERT) is the responsible entity during a major emergency/incident.  The ERT follows the principles of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the incident commander and their appointed designee(s) are responsible for the overall management of the incident, including:

  • Ensuring that emergency responders have been notified
  • Coordinating with the responding emergency services personnel
  • Ensuring appropriate campus-wide communication is initiated
  • Determining the appropriate course of action based upon the specific emergency/incident


The College ERT is made up of both executive leadership members and key personnel from departments which are integral to the emergency plan, namely information technology and physical plant.

ERT Members:

  • Dr. Richard Hopper, President
  • Kathy Englehart, Academic Dean
  • Anne Lagassey, Dean of Finance
  • Jeff Sneddon, Dean of Workforce Training
  • Karen Normandin, Dean of Students
  • Kevin Casey, Dean of Technology & Chief Security Officer (Chair of the ERT)
  • Mike Marcoux, Physical Plant Engineer - Fairfield
  • Phil Newcombe, Physical Plant Engineer - Hinckley
  • Tim (Tug) McDonald, Safety & Security
  • Donald Trask, Senior Information System Specialist 
  • Flora Stack, Director of Continuing Education & Dual Enrollment
  • Brianne Pushor,Director of Operations & Compliance
  • Brian Holtz, Student Navigator, Alfond Campus 

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