SOAR stands for "Student Orientation And Registration." It is an opportunity for students to become familiar with the policies of KVCC, how to use the student portal effectively, and to register for your first semester of courses. SOAR sessions are for new KVCC students and those who are returning after a time away from the college.




Answers to some of the frequently asked questions about SOAR are below.  If you do not find the information you are looking for, please call or email:

Carrie Dionne, Enrollment Student Navigator

(207) 453-5815

Teresa Smith, Director of Enrollment and Advising

(207) 453-5082

 SOAR stands for "Student Orientation And Registration".  SOAR sessions include information on Financial Aid and Business Office policies, Safety and Security, and general campus information. Student will have the opportunity to learn how to navigate in BlackBoard and the MYKV Portal.  Professional advisors will help students choose and register for their first semester courses.

 Yes. All students who are new to KVCC, including students transferring to the College and those who are returning after more than two years away, must attend a SOAR session.  Students will register for their first semester classes during SOAR. 

There are many sections of SOAR offered.  Students are encouraged to attend the earliest SOAR session that works with their schedule for the best course selection.  Dates and times for SOAR sessions are listed in your MYKV Portal.  If you have difficulty registering for SOAR please contact the Academic Affairs Office at 453-5877.

 Registering for a SOAR session is through the MyKV Portal.

  1. Log-in to your MyKV Portal.

          The link to the MyKV Portal is on the KVCC homepage on the right under Quick Links. Your username is your lastname.firstname and your password is your student ID number.

     2.  Check the session you would like to attend and then click Submit.

Please Note: Every effort is made to accommodate students for their first choice SOAR session; however, the earlier orientations fill quickly. Since space is limited, students are encouraged to reserve early. SOAR dates fill on a first-come, first-served basis. If there is a problem with your first choice for a SOAR a staff member will contact you otherwise we will see you on the day you scheduled yourself for!

If you would like help registering for a SOAR session, please call Enrollment Services at (207) 453-5822.

 All students musut attend a SOAR session. This includes students who plan to complete all or most of their degree on-line.  On-line students need to be aware of College policies and procedures regardless of whether they plan to visit the campus or access services and departments.

Students meet their advisors at our Accepted Student events. These events are held prior to the start of our fall and spring semesters.  More information on these events will be provided at SOAR.

Students are always welcome to contact their advisors. During SOAR all students will email their advisors.

 Bring any outstanding paperwork.  Official transcripts in sealed envelopes, immunizations, and/or financial aid forms will be collected during Check-In.  All offices are open during SOAR and we encourage you to stop by after your session. Remember you will be registering for classes.  If you received a blue KVCC Test Score & Course Placement form with your acceptance letter, please bring this with you. It will make registering for classes much easier. Bring any schedules you need to be mindful of when scheduling your classes. We also suggest that you wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing in accordance to the weather as you may need to walk between buildings.

 If you or a guest have a need for accommodations in order to attend SOAR, please contact the Dean of Students at 453-5019 in a timely manner (at least 2-3 days prior to the event) to discuss your individual situation.

 If you have technical problems with your portal or login, contact or call the Help Desk at 453-5079.

 SOAR sessions generally last 2.5 to 3 hours.  Students are presented with a lot of information in a short period of time, requiring their full attention.  In addition, our computer labs have limited capacity.

We do not recommend bringing your child(ren) to your SOAR session.

Parents, partners, and guests are welcome at SOAR.  While you are in your advising and registration sessions, there is an optional session for your guests or they are welcome to enjoy a bite in the Cafe and a walk around campus. 

 If campus is open we will have SOAR.  Please dress accordingly. We will often need to walk between buildings.  If campus is closed due to weather, we will reschedule the SOAR session.  All students who are registered for SOAR will receive an email and, when possible, a phone call alerting them when SOAR must be rescheduled due to weather.

If you are interested in working as a student leader at SOAR, contact Carrie Dionne at (207) 453-5815 or e-mail Carrie at

Download the KVCC App.  This is a free app available through Google Play or the App Store. KVCC Students use this app to stay connected. 

We will talk more about the KVCC App at SOAR, help you login, and learn to navigate the resources available.


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