Essentials For College Planning

College Planning FAQ

College Planning FAQ

Learn the basic steps for successful college enrollment. Discuss college and trade school options in our region, entrance requirements, readiness and transitional issues of adult students, admissions procedures and financial aid. Review a typical admissions application, request admissions materials and financial aid information from prospective colleges. Please note: You need to bring the following items to the workshop- high school/GED and college transcripts, financial information (most recent 1040 tax forms, W-2s and other income documentation such as TANF, Social Security, disability, child support and unemployment income). Presenter: Joanne Richards, MEOC [Maine Educational Opportunity Center]

Essentials of College Planning is a required workshop for all students in the College Transitions Program. You MUST register for this workshop. Go to the web site listed below, then click on “Essentials of College Planning” for the workshop you wish to attend. You will then be able to register on-line. If you need more information or have questions call Val Landry, College Transitions Coordinator for Central Maine at 453-5101.


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